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Note that the information contained on articles offered on TecHKnow Wiki is done so without prejudice and without liability. Considering the nature and pupose of this area, it is impossible for the site owners and any appointed administrators to review every article submitted to TecHKnow Wiki or confirm the validity of the same. Neither can TecHKnow be held responsible for information submitted to the Wiki inaccurately but in good faith by registered users.

We depend heavily on the community spotting such inaccuracies and either;

  • bringing these to the attention of the administration staff through the articles' discussion pages
  • making the correct and appropriate edits themselves.

Site users agree to indemnify the site owners against legal matters arising as a result of using this area of the website. Users of any or all of these website area must determine for themselves the usefulness and validity of the information that is offered.

You can contact us at our normal email address by clicking on this link