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How to build a Chemistry tree – a Chemistree!

It's a fairly simple method, just make sure it's stable and think before you use anything dangerous.

You need a retort stand, any size will suffice although the taller it is the more items you will need to fill it. A clean one would be nice, but anyone will do, you just might have to get creative in covering the base.

Then you gather together bosses and clamps and start attaching them to the stand in a circular manner, simulating the branches of a tree, working your way up to the top. This is the basic Chemistree. The simplest way of decorating it is to use round bottom flasks filled with water based food colourings, mixing them into various colour to represent Christmas tree baubles and clamping them to the tree. They need a bung or silver foil lid to stop evaporation. For the top you could use a separating funnel filled with coloured cellophane or foil as a ‘Topper’ for the tree or a silver foil coloured funnel. Make sure if you use glass that it's safe and secure. You could use pipe cleaners or splints to make a star, use nitrile gloves blown up, cotton wool, string, springs, bottle brushes, the list is endless. You could even make holders for crucibles, or set them in the top of the round bottomed flasks and add ethanol and light them for a more Christmassy effect. (Following all H & S of course.)

If you are planning on moving it it might be wise to start building on a trolley, even a small fully decorated Chemistree can be heavy, unstable or both.

Right, now it’s up to you! You could make it with items found around the lab, make a ‘specialist’ tree with items from one discipline or even move over to D & T, or even IT and make an IT-ree.

Just remember though, make sure the tree is stable at all times, don’t use anything dangerous without a proper risk assessment and most important, don’t use anything you are going to need before Christmas!

Pictures supplied by Kath Kynason