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How do you make Instant Snow? This has been one of the many discussions on our TecHKnow Forums area. Many colleagues give some great advice. Check out what they say and watch a video on the subject as well

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There are a couple of ways to get the ingredient necessary to make fake polymer snow. You can purchase the fake snow which is sodium polyacrylate from companies such as Mindset at http://www.mindsetsonline.co.uk/ or alternatively lots of people sell it on ebay and Amazon.

You can find sodium polyacrylate inside disposable nappies or as crystals in a garden center, used to help keep soil moist. However, its questionable whether you will get suffiicent quantities from disposable nappies to make the amount you need!

So now you've got your polymer. All you need to do to make this type of fake snow is add water to the sodium polyacrylate. Add some water, mix the gel. Add more water until you have the desired amount of wetness. The gel will not dissolve. It's just a matter of how 'slushy' you want your snow. Fake snow is non-toxic. However, don't purposely eat it. I'm sure this would not be too healthy for you. When you are done playing with fake snow, it's safe to throw it away. You can add food colouring for visual effects. Fake snow something which is great for Open days or as a woahh type of experiment!! Why not try it out