Demonstrate how Blood Grouping works

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The following demonstration has been reproduced by kind permission by Lynda Birchwood in Kingston

A cheap and simple way to show and demonstrate how blood grouping works. Not able to show the Rhesus factor though.

All made with distilled water and red dye

  Donor Group Recipient group
O Nothing else added Barium Chloride + Sodium Hydroxide
A Iron(3) Chloride Barium Chloride
B Potassium Sulphate Sodium Hydroxide
AB Iron(3) Chloride + Potassium Sulphate Nothing else added

Blood grouping.JPG

Bench solutions and spatulas of dry chemicals are fine for this, enough though to show displacement. So when on a spotting tile you can see the "red cells" clump together!! The table below shows the result you should get.


  O A B AB
O + + + +
A - + - +
B - - + +
AB - - - +


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