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In order to maintain TecHKnow Wiki in an efficient manner there is need for some Deletion Guidelines for the deletion of content that should not be here for various reasons. For simplicity, all images, sound files, videos, source files and other files are referred to as "files", and all article pages, categories, templates, talk and other pages are referred to as "pages".

The primary objective of TecHKnow Wiki is the collection of professional information, knowledge and best practice that is made freely available to technicians and others who have an interest in the development of our profession.

For more details see: Aims and Objectives

There are three reasons why we may be required to delete pages on this wiki.

  1. This entire environment is very attractive to some advertisers or others individuals who wish to use TecHKnow Wiki to push their services or propagate unsuitable material that is not keeping with our clearly stated Aims and Objectives. However there are some organisations and individuals whose services are widely accepted by the technician community of being beneficial to that community. The current policy advises all that the System Administrators will determine which organisations or individuals are suitable for advertising on TecHKnow Wiki. Those who contribute advertisements or SPAM for blatant profit will automatically be deleted by us without any correspondence being entered into. Additionally if a registered user is found to be propagating such material they will also have their registration and any unsuitable material removed from the Wiki.
  2. We may be officially informed of a copyright violation or find by quality checks that certain content on your wiki page infringes upon the copyright of others. If this happens we will have to delete your article page. We advise that in order to avoid this happening that you try to write your article IN YOUR OWN WORDS and don't over rely on copy/pasting work from other publishers
  3. Quality control of articles on the Wiki by editors and other registered users establishes that an entire article is factually incorrect. In this instance we will invite the author of the article a every chance to correct the page before considering deleting it.

This Policy will develop over time so that a committee of people will take on this role. Until this has been set up then the decision rests with the System Administrators

--Ssmith 11:54, 18th July 2011 (BST) (System Administrator)