Creating a new Category

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When you have submitted your article to the wiki it is a good idea to place it in a suitable category. Categories provide automatic indexes that are useful as tables of contents.

Putting an item in a category

Your article or page can be put in a category by adding a category tag to the page (by convention, at the end of the page), e.g.:

[[Category:Category name]]

You should check to determine if a category already exists. You can do this by clicking on the Categories link on the main wiki menu. If the category exists then please use this category heading. If no suitable category exists then you can create a new one.

Please remember that when choosing a name for a category you are encouraged to use some common sense. For example if your artilce is on Microbiology, and this is not currently available as a category, then it makes sense to create a new Category using;


Any other title could cause confusion. Your article, and future article(s) created by other collegaues can then be easily categorised (filed) under this new name and be therefore be easily found by others.