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So, you want to create your article quickly and don't want to wade through any pages of helpful information. Are you sure? Okay then here are the basics.

  • From the Search bar (top right) Type in the name of your article. Keep it short. Keep it simple. This is because any future person who searches the wiki for information on a topic, will find your article quickly - and hopefully read it, if you keep the title short and meaningful.
  • Confirm that you want to create the article
  • Away you go! Type in the text box as if you are using a standard word processor. When you are satisfied that you have completed your article then simply SAVE IT! - As a security point, you will be asked to do a check that you are a human being. pass that test and your article now becomes part of our Wiki family of articles. well done!

However, stick around here a bit longer and we can show you many groovy ways of improving your article like, for example adding pictures, tables, boxes etc., However for now, you have ALL of the information that you need to start your first Wiki article. Good luck

I'd like to contribute to TecHKnow Wiki! What can I do?

There are many ways! Below are just some of our best ideas, which include many things you can do with minimal effort.

  • Okay, here is a little more info?

The simplest way to start an article is to follow the three steps below;

Step One - In the search box (top right of page) type the name that you wish to give your article. Your article should have a simple short title eg., "How to use a microscope". Make sure that your grammar and spelling is correct because it can be difficult to rectify a mistake afterwards!
Step Two - If nobody else has created this article before the Wiki will then give you the oportunity to start (create) the page using the title that you provided.
Step Three - If somebody has already created an article with this title (or a similar title) then you will need to decide on the following;

1. Leave the article or page alone! - the article is satisfactory and does not need any improvement. or
2. The article could be improved upon, or additional information provided to add "value" to the content.

Please do not replace some other persons work with your own. If you feel 
an article is completely incorrect then in the Discussion Pages of the article, indicate why you think the article is wrong. The original author(s) and yourself then need to collaborate on the article using the discussion pages with the aim of finally reaching a consensus. This process might take five seconds, five days or five weeks. 
  • Is there anything else I can do?

Yes. TecHKnow Wiki articles contain lots of links to other articles. Blue (or purple, if you have already visited them) links represent pages that do exist. Red links (or tan, if you have already visited them) point to pages that don't yet exist. Presumably, whoever created the link thought that an article on the topic should exist. It's possible this was a bad idea, and the link should be removed. It's also possible they made a spelling error or didn't know the correct name for a page on the same (or a more general topic) that does exist. In this case, you could fix the link, and/or create a Redirect. If you decide there should be an article at the other end of the link, by all means start writing it!

Don't be surprised if other people edit "your" pages. Editors/other users may be improving the content or layout of 
the article. This is perfectly normal, it happens, and even encouraged!. Another colleague might be able to 
add something of value to 'your' work, (we call this collaboration) that will overall 
improve the article's content. However, if you find your work defaced or "blanked" then please get in touch with us 
because we can easily roll back the page to it's previous state. Any person who vandalizes another colleagues work will
be temporarily (or permanently) blocked from accessing TecHKnow Wiki by the Admin or Sysop staff
  • Maintenance tasks

There are many things that need doing that don't necessarily involve creatively editing article content. For example, we need people to check for spelling and grammar mistakes!
See Maintenance for a list of housekeeping tasks that we always need help with.

All users are encouraged to assist with maintenance. Even if this simply involves correcting spelling mistakes or 
perhaps restructuring a sentence that makes the information easier to read and understand!!
  • Start on a random page

Visit a random page (see navigation menu) and jump into the rabbit hole!

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