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The job of Technicians has evolved and become extremely complex over the past decade. News of job evaluations, redundancies, queries & issues with contracts of employment have caused confusion in the minds of many colleagues. However, this area of the TecHKnow Wiki strives to provide informative help on a range of areas of concern to the Technician. All articles here are written by colleagues like yourself. You are free to read, browse, access print any article that find here.

The category will evolve over many years as more articles are added. If you wish to add (or edit) any article on any topic that is not covered here then we welcome your contribution or help. Some of the content of articles may become out-of-date very quickly. If you notice this then please feel free to edit or apend any information that you feel would correct or update its content.

You dont need to ask for permission just simply dive in and get involved in helping the hundereds of fellow colleagues around the UK

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