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See: CLEAPSS Website


  • a nationwide advisory service for subscribers,
  • for practical science and technology,
  • for schools and colleges (including special schools, referral units, etc),
  • able to help from nursery education through to A-level or equivalent.

CLEAPSS serves:

  • teachers (including head teachers),
  • technicians,
  • science advisers/inspectors/consultants,
  • teacher trainers,
  • health and safety advisers,
  • architects (working for subscribers),
  • other LEA officers,
  • school governors.

CLEAPSS covers:

  • health and safety,
  • chemicals, living organisms, equipment,
  • sources of resources,
  • laboratory facilities and fittings,
  • technicians and their jobs,
  • some workshop facilities and fittings,
  • risk assessment.

CLEAPSS stands for "Good quality practical work in science and D&T"! - It is controlled by its members, (See box article below); ie.,

  • 180 LEAs throughout the British Isles (not Scotland), ie, 100% of those eligible.

It has around 2000 associate members, ie:

  • foundation and voluntary-aided schools (where not a member via an LEA),
  • independent schools,
  • incorporated colleges,
  • teacher-training establishments,
  • overseas institutions,
  • field centres, museums, etc,
  • curriculum developers.

CLEAPSS provides:

  • termly newsletters for primary and secondary schools,
  • a range of publications, mostly free (see overleaf),
  • model risk assessments,
  • special risk assessments,
  • low-cost training courses for technicians, teachers and LEA officers (see overleaf),
  • a telephone Helpline which takes well over 6000 calls per year,
  • a monitoring service, eg, for mercury spills,
  • evaluations of equipment,
  • discounts from some suppliers,
  • advice on repairs.

CLEAPSS®, CLEAPSS®, The Gardiner Building, Brunel Science Park, Kingston Lane, Uxbridge UB8 3PQ Tel: +44 (0)1895 251496 Fax/Answerphone: +44 (0)1895 814372 E-mail:

CLEAPSS would like to emphasise the following;

CLEAPSS has dropped the "School Science Service" bit of its title and we are now 
called just "CLEAPSS". There are now no Local Education Authorities 
(which never applied in Northern Ireland anyway), so the acronym of our name 
is no longer appropriate. But obviously we have kept our name. If we are asked, 
"What does 'CLEAPSS' stand for?", we now reply "Good quality practical work in science 
and D&T"!  We dropped the 'School Science Service' bit because we often have been 
referred to in the press, reporting what we have done, as the "School Science Service 
at Brunel University" - which gave credit to the University which it does not merit 
and none to us!

--Ssmith 08:10, 20 July 2006 (BST)