Aims and Objectives

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TecHKnow has a clear policy for the general management and proper running of this community environment so that everybody who contributes to TecHKnow Wiki are aware of our;

  • Aims - which are not measurable. These will probably remain unchanged during the life span of this Website
  • Objectives - Which are measurable and will probably be reviewed and changed periodically as the need arises.

Our Aims

TecHKnow, through its various sections, is committed to establishing and maintaining a community environment were all technicians, regardless of their length of service or position, are invited to contribute and share their knowledge and experience gained as a result of doing their job. This knowledge base is then made freely available (as in free beer) to all professional technicians who work in the UK.

Our Objectives

Like any community, TecHKnow has certain standards. It is built on trust and the expectation that collaboration among users will improve knowledge (through the creation and development of articles) over time.

To remain a part of our community, you must be;

  • Tolerant towards other editors - Discuss any difficulties or problems that you have with a project or an article in the appropriate area;
  • Understanding and respectful of other people's contributions because they may perhaps know better thatn you!

Repeated violations of these standards may result in a member being barred from entry or participation in this Wiki area or, if necessary, may include other TecHknow website areas.

The current arrangements for managing this Wiki are as follows;